Credit Card Number Formats

I get credit card scammers calling me fairly regularly. Had one about ten minutes ago, actually. Only took three minutes before he twigged, told me to shove my card up my ass, and hung up on me.
Is there a guide to number formats that I could use to make up a believable non-working number depending on the bank?
Thanks, and keep up the good fight!

There’s actually a whole post in Scambait tools with some pretty helpful stuff. I’ll link it for you here. :relaxed:

I Don’t Know Much About Credit Card Formats. However, I Do Understand That Credit Card Numbers That Generally Start As: 44??, 41?? & 47?? Will Be VISA. Give That A Try! Also, I’m New To Computers Myself & Dealing With Scammers. I Just Installed A VM Into My Computer. I Have Also Gotten A VPN From: ULTRAVPN & I’ll Use A TracFone To Play Games With Them. So HERE I GO!

This is also a great site to use:

Gives you fake info on basically everything from and address all the way to a fake job, very good tool for tricking scammers.