Credit Card Scammer will "Reduce your rate and pay off your balance"

I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this, but the scammers are coming for me. They’re all in my email with crazy offers… I’ll post them another time.

This one called my cell phone and promised to payoff my credit cards, then reduce my rate.

Steve starts off by asking if I pay on time and what my balance is. Then he wants to know when is the expiration date, and from there he wants me to read the numbers from left to right from my credit card. He’s thirsty! This is the kind of thing that my elderly mother would have fallen for during her dementia stage. She was so innocent and sweet, this scammer surely would have taken her money. Waste his time!

UPDATE: They’ve called me from 800-627-8372, 800, 927-8372, This number is for the actual MasterCard Co. they somehow make is seem as if they are calling from this number.

So the first number you posted is actually the MasterCard phone number, as I was gearing up to mess with them he informed me they do not make solicitation calls and if I received a message from them it’s most likely a scam. [quote=“Choirgirl, post:1, topic:7443”]

So they have cloned the phone number to Mastercard?! OMG!

The first time they called, my caller ID registered a 216-526… number. I called it back -but that person was oblivious to what was going on.

The scammers called me back again (I keep telling them that I’m really busy). I insisted on a number to call them back from -but they avoided that. They called me again from the numbers I listed above. I wonder how is it that they are cloning phone numbers. I’m sure he’ll call me back and I will tell him that I refuse to do business with him unless I have a number to call him on.

Yea I’ve actually had them call before and my own name and number showed up on caller ID… I don’t know how they do it but it’s annoying.

What they’re doing with the phone numbers is called “Spoofing”

There has to be a way to reveal their actual number.

I got the same thing. After telling them I wouldn’t give my number over the phone, they asked me what the last 4 digits were…then put me on hold and asked what were the FIRST 4 digits again😂…I kept making numbers up until he flipped out