Credit card Scammers using real buisiness numbers

I have been receiving calls from automatic voices saying CONGRATS on your Credit card payment history you can get blah blah press 1 to speak to…Well I tried once to get the actual name of the company and funny thing is I have ZERO CCs… NOW the numbers they are using are actual business numbers today’s’ was a flora service. I usually hang uo redial the umber that pops up on my phone last week it was someone’s cell phone and another was an insurance agency’s. Is there anything that can be done or I can do? I am on the national do not call list and I know it’s a scam but they are getting really tricky now here is the number that was used today mind you IT IS AN ACTUAL FLORA SERVICE NOT THE SCAMMER’S NUMBER… 800-421-2815

Thanks for your help

What they’re doing is spoofing existing numbers, which makes the people associated w/ those numbers victims of this as well. I wonder if you could do *69 and see if it’ll give you the number these assholes actually called from. Just thinking out loud here.

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I tried that and it did not work. I wish I was more savy about this stuff. I did fall for the pop up scam about 4 years ago and since then become a lot more up to it. I also am on the phone especially since I do not associate my home number with any of my computers. I even talked one guys for about 20 minutes then he got disgustingly nasty these people are bad.

Doesn’t surprise me one iota that it didn’t work. It’s shameful how these jackwagons prey on those who don’t know any better, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been scammed in the past. My mom’s fallen for several scams before, and that was how I learned about this stuff. I figured even though *69 may have been a long shot, it couldn’t hurt to try. These scammers do what they do every day as their way of making a living, and you’re right, they’re super nasty. I remember one tech support scammer I called to jerk them around and waste their time actually calling me racist names. :open_mouth:

These people are seriously bad news.

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