Credit debt scammers

got an interesting call today, this group wants to fix your credit debt so we all should call and make sure they know what we think of scammers. the number they gave me is 1 800 2608 654 ext 103 and here is a link to some of the conversation we had(did not have camera ready so missed 1st half of the call on video)

Lol call rejected did I called them before. but I haven’t burned my number yet. Will do it now

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they called me as well and i enrolled with them a year ago and they actually helping me to settle my debt. Very honest and committed.

have u actually verified them as scammer? or because they sound Indian u posted this as scammer? No good. On your call also they have not asked you something which can sound like a scam. They are not scammers and i will request you delete this post as Debt Settlement is a legal business in America.

do you really think a proper company would call a potential customer stupid? say " you mother fucker"? it is clear they are cold call scammers.

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sounds like you got scammed or are yourself a scammer posing as one of us. kindly piss off. you dont know what you are talking about!

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seeing how his post is just as old as his account itself, I’d bet on the latter