Cricut scam

Scammer number: 1-844-915-2422

Scammer website: none
Any other scammer information: They sent this invoice trying to make the person buy a firewall to make their cricut work. Installed software on their phone and pc. All because one phone would not connect to the cricut. Says a US address.

Welcome to TSU. I think you made a “good catch” for your first post. :+1:
I went looking for more info on Tekwire, and saw a different toll-free number for them. But with the number you gave, the TrustPilot result showed up in Google. The reviews looked good at first, but then turned angry. TrustPilot Reviews for Tekwire
They seem to have a penchant for selling customers things they don’t really need. It also seems as though they do that “scamscan” thing (I forget what it’s called in Windows) that the Indian scammers do to make victims think there are hackers in the vic’s computer. Maybe even a little “typo parking” going on, where somebody mistyped a URL and got redirected to Tekwire?