DarkComet RAT - Download



I have gotten many emails for this rat download since mine is clean lol. This is the only post on this site that will let you download the rat since it is verified by me as CLEAN! I am posting this simply because many people are asking me for it. If you get in trouble using this rat IT’S YOUR FAULT, not mine… Well anyways have fun guys!

Password is - ScammerRevolts

Hey guys i need help to RAT those scammers
Enhanced MEMZ
Smart Scammer

i can never get these rats to work, except quasar rat


which even then im not sure if it will work on a scammers computer since where you put the hosts i dunno if just localhost:1604 will work for other computers or if i need to put my actual ip there


which others have you tried


You need to put in your external/public IP in there if it is static or if it’s not make use of a dns service such as no-ip (either way i would suggest using the dns, just more reliable as some isp’s tend to change your IP every now and then, especially where i live). Then you need to make sure that your port has been forwarded corectly and is open. To check this i normally use https://portchecker.co/canyouseeme if the port is not open the client won’t be able to connect to you. Also make sure that your firewall is off, i have found that the windows firewall tends to cause connection problems


Would you still recommend darkcomet? if so would privatevpn or expressvpn be a service to combine with this.


How do i start the program? Just execute the exe it comes with or how do i install it and set it up on my host machine? Thank you!


DO NOT put this on your actual pc aka the host. If you don’t have any understanding on rats you may want to do a bit of self research on the subject.


QQ: I have set up my VM and i’m in the process to check network connectivity. I haven’t downloaded the RAT as yet, but my question is: does it come with both “client” and “server” in the same package or do I have to download the client UI from somewhere else?


You download the client, and generate your server. I believe there is a readme file that explains it in the download.

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