DirectTV SCAM 8017884345

I received a cold call from Ray Cooper who claim to be with DIRECTV. The caller ID came up Ila Miller 815-420-5212 which is a nonworking number. I got a direct line phone number from Ray 801-788-4345 saying that I had to talk to my mother before I could move forward. When I called his number he was on a break and he called me back and the number that appears on my caller ID is from in TX 3253059787. The script was very legitimate sounding. They want only $20 to activate DIRECTV and a technician would be out tomorrow to set me up. He gave me a pin number and asked what my favorite restaurant was for a security question. I called DIRECTV from the number on the Internet so I knew it would be a legitimate connection to DIRECTV and they agreed that this was a scam because they do not do cold calls and the customer always sets up the pin number and security question not a phone agent.

“Satellite Connect” is actually “Connect Satellite Enterprises, LLC” 3305 N. University Ave #125, Provo UT 84604. an authorized retailer for DirecTV, www[dawt]connectsatelliteonline[dog]com… They use illegal robocalls . Today’s robocall was from 708-237-8041. ATT is now headquartered in TX, perhaps that’s why a TX area code appeared. Both this entity and DirecTV are violating the do not call laws.

Using the name “Satellite Connect” evidences their attempts to evade do not call laws.

Btw, I went through the same exercises PeriTwinkle did. Reason was to learn who really was calling. DirecTV itself may not do direct cold call telemarketing, but they do have authorized retailers who aggressively telemarket. I have received at least 8 letters from ATT/DTV referring to the calls from their authorized retailers.

DISH TV paid centi-millions on a DNC lawsuit brought by feds and state attorney generals over their usage of authorized retailers. So odds are that DTV & ATT are also liable for DNC violations.