Dirty scum refund scammers

These guys suck at their “Job” They are legit trash!

Number: (510) 295-4935

Msg they left me:
Refund that you paid for the computer and network software and services as we are closing down and getting out of business in order to claim refund. Call us at 510-295-4935. I repeat 510-295-4935. Thanks refund security team.

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The number is active, they told me to open any browser www.supremocontrol.com now he wants me to go team viewer lets see if I can get into there computer and steal some info or rat them or call flood them. Lol he says its not working and has to transfer the call lol, he has no idea what to do. So another person came on gave him my info and then he rage quit hang up I love it. Please call them they are so dumb.