Disable remote input, black screen and switch sides in free version of teamviewer

Hi guys, i’m new to this and i wondered what do you do now that teamviewer has disabled the options disable remote input, black screen and switch sides in the free version?

Is it harder now to scambait and syskey them?


Hey welcome to scam baiting!

To syskey another computer through teamviewer you must first be connected to them. this can be done through social engineering such as “I swear my password is correct, I don’t know why it isn’t working” until they cave in and let you connect to their computer to switch connections

When you open the team viewer on another computer there is an option at the top of the screen called “actions”. in that menu you can select disable remote input. blanking out the screen sometimes requires drivers to be installed and can take too long so be wary of that.

You’ve got to be quick on the syskey part. I recommend having “syskey” on your clip board before hand. hit win+R. then crtl+v to paste, edit permissions when it pops up, ctrl+v (plus a number or letter) on both passwords and save it. get good at keyboard short-cuts to make the process faster.

As far as syskey’ing them now I don’t think it’s gotten any harder, unless they know the jig is up. You just have to be quick because they can just unplug the computer as soon as they see the word syskey.
if you need anymore help pm me lets chat!

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Hey @Unknown_User sorry i reply here again but the pm stuff doesnt work well on smartphone…

Thanks a lot for your reply to my post and clear explanation on how to go about this syskey stuff. But the problem is that teamviewer removed these features from the free version as you can read here: TeamViewer Disables Remote Print, Blank Screen & More from Free Plan

I also tested it with my 2 laptop and it doesnt work anymore in the free version. So that seams a problem no?



which version of teamviewer do you have? It worked for me because I used it for reference in my previous post, I was using teamviewer14

Yes teamviewer 14 as well updated to the last version

That’s interesting, I did review that article and it seems legit. However I’m still able to use those functions

This is my remote connection to my VM currently

Ah I see the problem, you are correct indeed. I downloaded the free version and I am unable to use those inputs. I’d forgotten I had the commercial version for my work, apologies. I’ll make a follow up post when I can find an exploit for this.

In the mean time if you are trying to gain remote access you should look into RATs. Teamviewer still allows you to share files. Make your virus convincing and remember there’s a sucker born every minute, they’ll click it eventually :laughing:

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Perhaps using an older version works but this will make it harder to lure the scammers into using teamviewer imo

Hi there - actually I believe they removed the feature as part of their scam protection program. Nothing worse than a scammer disables the remote input of a not-so-techy victim and scares them totally off so that they pay the scammers everything.

Kudos to TeamViewer for implementing this as a scam protection.
But you´re right. It´s bad for all who want to trick scammers without having a license.

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