Discord Owner Scammed my little brother

So my little brother got a pc and he’s been having a blast, it’s the happiest I’ve seen him in a while, until he came to me upset, apparently he joined a discord to find people to play games with and one guy promised to get him to a higher level or whatever if he payed him $50 through steam. Since my brother’s birthday passed recently he had some extra money and since he wanted to be a higher level he went through. After paying the guy he kicked my little brother from the channel and removed him from all his friends lists. I got on to my laptop the next day and began to message around his steam friends to get a invite link and upon joining I hopped into a call with the owner and just played it cool. The guy is an asshole. There were two young kids in the call and he kept yelling at them, removing them from the channel, pretty much just bullying them. I said to him “Hey man, that’s not cool they just want to play.” He responded with almost every racial slur I’ve ever heard of, saying everyone in the discord is a beta and he is in control. So that brings me to my proposition. I don’t know much about hacking and what’s possible, but is there a way someone can get admin in his server and give him a taste of his own medicine. Kick him, remove his ownership, delete channels, etc. I just want this dude to pay for all the kids he’s bullied with his power.

Probably best to report any msgs between them and send screen shots of it to discord in your report and also make a report to the paymant processor that was used for the transaction.