Discord you can "hack" an account

Just for fun, I was searching for more phishing sites. I found one today! Link: https://clashforacure.org/haks/hx/discord/2018/06/there-are-number-of-websites-online.html
You can use this “tool” to “hack” someone’s Discord account (it is fake as I entered their example username and it said that it cracked that username’s password and prompted me to click the Download button. Like most of these sites, it had “human verification” and wanted me to choose an option. Winning an iPhone 11 was one of them so I clicked it. They told me to fill in personal data so I typed random keys in the name and email (for email I just randomly typed a few keys and ended with @gmail.com).
These scams are very common. There is another where you can add game XP just by using an online tool.

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