Don't JUST report it here. Tell antivirus companies about it too (edited)

Please report any scam domains to any antivirus company that will accept a report from regular people. Lots of them make web filters in browser extensions and/or their security products and appreciate information like that being submitted to them.

Addendum! If you see a scam call center impersonating one or more antivirus companies. Report the scam to antivirus companies too.

For some reason the link to comodo’s form shows up as an ad or something, sorry about that.

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here’s one that’s partnered with VirusTotal:

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I tried to find a similar web form for norton’s web filter, but the page I found on norton’s website simply said “The document you are looking for is currently unavailable. To find solutions, use the search box at the top of this page.”

I tweeted them, hopefully they’ll respond and I’ll be able to share the url here.