DOT Service has multiple scam reports

This has been removed due to multiple accounts joining and praising this service even though it has MANY reviews online talking about how it is a scam and just crappy place that spams people with false mail.

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My brother’s company is connected with DOT Service, and they give prompt service as far as I know. My brother changed his previous agency because they weren’t really responsive and contacted him personally to notify him of the procedures. They are quite legit.


You shouldn’t worry much about the rumors. Go ahead and give them a call instead, you’ll find out for yourself if they’re a scammer or not. In fact, they’re in business since 2017, so it’s hard to think that they’re fake.

They’re a long-standing business with an immense clientele. A well-known name through all the section of management in the industry. DOT service is the most legit company I might have had an encounter with.

Is this a question about Dot Service? I can’t imagine that people are facing any kind of problem because of them. I know this company for the past 4 years and I am pretty sure that they are purely legit. They provide us best in class services and taking full responsibility for your biennial updates.

That’s great, Pablo My brother is also scammed by some company. It’s a good company and provides value for money services.

It’s all rumours, Nothing like that. It’s a legit company and provides you the best services.