Dumb refund scammers (Cold call)



Number: (202) 774-9519

Msg they left:
Some computer refund department the company that you made the payment for your software security is no longer in business as you have a subscription remaining for two years. We are going to refund your payment. Please call us on 206-693-4450 to claim your refund, press one. I repeat, press one to get connected with a refund department.


You f*cked this guy up, he fully blew up on me when i started file transfer LUL

He had a mental breakdown. Number works with firertc


These fuckers were too stupid to block my textnow number on the 206 number, lolz.


I called these guys on firertc and this is what happened. https://phone.firertc.com/calls/5bda17ba6865634cb81e0000/recording


lol I’ll probably give them another call later today and see if I can get some files or syskey them


Ok, so on the number (202) 774-9519, I am getting an “sip failure”, with a hang up? I don’t know what that means, but I tried it twice, with same result. This was with FireRTC.