Dummy refund scammers - 1-205-341-1020


Number: 1-205-341-1020

Msg they leave:
Dollars for your Microsoft support team as your computer support subscription will be auto renewed their lotto deduction of $299.00 from your bank account in case you don’t want to get charges please call us to cancel your subscription our toll free number is 120-524-1102 extension 0 I repeat the number to call S. on it’s 120-524-1102 extension 0 or press one for direct connection 2 or 3 part Team This call may be record.


I am on the phone with them now so lets see what I can do. He wants me to pay for the next 3 years for $299.00. This scammer wants to me to hit windows and letter r together, run box, he wants me to type www.deskroll.com

I have not see this website before he wants me to join session so with this program u will download this desk roll program and u hit join session and then it will say you to give this scammer a password. I found a fake password on google so I am trying to see if u will use TeamViewer. This guy is trying so hard to use this program and he keeps trying to connect but cant lol. OK lol now he gave up and he is not taking me to any desk lol then instant hang up. He starts to swear in Hindi at me and I speak right back swearing at him in Hindi instant hang up have fun with these dumb scammers.


I think they know. Getting nearly impossible to reach them