Dummy windows refund scammers - (800) 748-9097

Number: (800) 748-9097

Msg they leave:
Dear subscriber this is the final call for Microsoft Network Security to inform you that your contract with our company for the maintenance of your computer has expired and it will be automatically renewed within the next 24 hours for upcoming 3 years it will be charged $599.00 if you want to keep this Services kindly Agnew or this phone call or else you want to discontinue or cancel the subscription please give us a call to claim your refund money or else you will be automatically charged for renewal of your computer services for $599.00 for 2 years support our toll free number is 800-748-9097 Make sure to contact us within 48 hours to cancel the subscription Thank you.

Am at 60 mins right now of time wasting and now I need to go to walmart to get “Gift Cards” these guys are so fucking easy.

OMG, they keep refreshing my fake bank account to see if I have purchased the cards yet :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Ok, so once I exposed him he sysked my VM then he wouldn’t speak to me. So I just left the Google voice line open. He is now snoring and the line is still open​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: it is at 135 mins past the 100 mins before I exposed him.