Dummy Windows refund scammers - (844) 854-7046

Number: (844) 854-7046

Msg they left me:
Have your calling from Microsoft refund department if you remember you have a contract with us for computer support and services. Unfortunately, we are closing the business. So you can give us a call for the refund amount. You paid to claim your refund. Call us on 840-485-4746. I repeat 840-485-4746. Thank you.

You should call these people there are calling that there are four claims in you name about you tax filing and the cops will be sent if you dont call them back (785)-282-7646

This guy just answered it’s late at night here in the UK don’t know about India but I’m keep ringing him :joy:

lol, yeah these guys are idiots and fun to mess with XD

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Just rang one up there a refund centre I asked him about my refund he said how much did I pay I said 600£ he just ignored me :expressionless: then decided to put the phone down! I can’t find any ones who give technical support any suggestions mate ? Also top work on your YouTube pal that’s what’s made me get into this :slight_smile:

Ha I just called them and I played a clip for Joe Scam Bait lol and I played the whole thing and then another scammer came on and just went nuts on me in Hindi lol I had to put my mic on mute he was so mad lol I wish I recorded it but yeah def use this link its a huge trigger.
Scammer rant clip for making scammers mad - YouTube

844-854-7046 - “The person you’re trying to reach…”
840-485-4746 - Absolutely nothing
(785)-282-7646 - “Call failed to connect or disconnected because the number was unreachable.”