Easy way to get numbers?

I was wondering a way to easily get scam numbers. Simply.

On https://techscammersunited.com :smiley:

Lol but Try typing in bad/misspelled links like facbook.com and stuff like that

You could also try typing ‘keyword:windowssupport’ in the google search panel but without the single quotes if you are looking for windows support scammers numbers or websites or something like ‘keyword:applesupport’ for apple scammers but you need to specify the category.
Examples are but not limited to :





keyword:microsoft support number

keyword:windows support number



I hope this helped…
And remember when scam baiting don’t give scammers access to your real computers, I suggest using VMs where you can revert to snapshots if things get ugly.
I recommend using VMware Workstation.

Sorry I didn’t see this but thanks