eBay phishing site

I have a co-worker that was sent to a fake eBay listing/phishing site. He purchased the item for sale and they convinced him to do a Walmart 2 Walmart payment. Needles to say he got some of his money back but is out $1600. I have go e down the rabbit hole and convinced them to let me send him a credit card via email. Any thoughts on how to best handle this type of scammer?

Since this is a question and not a scam report I’m moving this to scambait question.

I wondered about that. Sorry

Update: Scammer said I could send credit card info, but is asking for a copy of my ID and most recent utility bill. What do you think about packaging up a nice little zip file containing three wannacry documents?


That would be really nice. You could do a Right To Left Override to spoof the file extension, too.

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Steve, Thanks for the idea, I have never played around with RTLO but I will read up on it and see what I can do. :slight_smile:

Maybe they try to open an account for crypto exchange. Wannacry these f*cker

Update: The package has been sent. The phishing site will no longer open, and the scammer will not return my emails. I can only assume at this point. I’m going call it a win for the good guys. :+1::laughing:


Confused about this post/question.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So which was it, an eBay listing or was this a phishing site?
…And they got part of their money back and the product, who scammed who here?

It was a phishing site made to look like eBay. No they did not get there money back nor did they receive any product.