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Mon 6/10/2024 5:30 AM

Good Day,

I write you this letter from the heart full of sincerity and tension. I am Elizabeth Tkachenko the daughter of Mr. Tkachenko Ibahibha, Ukraine sunflower oil and wheat maize farmer, my parents and my little brother were murdered by the Russian Army troop because of the war between Russia and Ukraine. It was so very terrible. He was a sunflower oil and wheat and maize farmer who had invested much in agriculture.

I acknowledge very well that my late father deposited the sum of 6.5 Million Euros. with a security and financial company with the intention of using it for the purchase of new farm machinery and chemicals for Agriculture, I can not do this on my own without the help of an experienced person living abroad due to my age and inexperience. As you may know, living in Ukraine is currently very risky and for this reason I am contacting you with great confidence in the hope of entrusting you with the care and custody of the fund for investment purposes in your country.

Please, I would like to know how convenient it might be for you to assist me claim the fund as a good business partner to my late father. Mr. Tkachenko IBAHIBHA. The fund in question is 6.5 Million Euros, I want you to understand that this is purely a family fund not a money laundering affair.

I solicit for your honest assistance as I want this fund to be transferred to your account overseas with your partnership, I will want to invest this fund in your country. We can invest the fund as a family investment together with you in your Country. I look forward to your reasonable response and in return I will provide you with more details.

Warm Regards,
Elizabeth Tkachenko