Email scam for wrapping your truck

My friend signed up for a Lays Truck Wrap promotion he saw on an Internet ad. Apparently they were going to pay him the cost to wrap his truck in a Lays potato chip ad and then 200 a month to continue driving around with that on for a yr. They sent him a check to deposit for the cost of the wrap -then asked him to send funds via Walmart to Walmart transfer to pay a “specialist” to meet him and handle the wrap. This is really stupid. I told him it was a scam since no one would meet him and the check had not cleared. He sent this email to me. Wtf is this scam???

From: Andrew Cole [email protected]
Date: November 20, 2018 at 7:50:46 AM MST
Subject: Re: Lays wrap .

We got Notified the funds has Cleared…
Now that the payment has been Authorized & Cleared.Please make use of Walmart2Walmart Transfer service & Moneygram to send funds to the Head Office of the experts Handling the Decal,so they can make all the necessary arrangement for the supplies needed for the wrap placement, Walmart transfer charges should be deducted from the specialists fee not from your weekly wages.

Below is the specialists information you are required to send the fund to below:

Please send $932 Using MONEYGRAM Transfer
Name : Ricky Parker
City : Del Valle
State : TX
Zip code : 78617

Please send $730 Using WALMART2WALMART Transfer
Name : Chima French
City : Del Valle
State : TX
Zip code : 78617

Go to ANY Walmart to get the Funds Sent.(DO NOT SEND ONLINE)
When you get to Walmart MONEYCENTER,Grab 2 forms,Check the Box for MONEYGRAM On one & Check the Box for Walmart2Walmart On the Other,and Fill them Out Accordingly.The Reason for you Spliting the Funds as Instructed above is because to the “Receiving Limit” in Texas Being $1000

Please note that the Car Specialist is allocated from the regional head in TX.So,be rest assured your decal specialist will be coming from your locality/zip code.We will like you to email the 2 Receipts/Slips from Walmart Showing the Reference Numbers.

Please advise on the Best time that the Specialist can meet up(Time and Place) with you for the placement of the Wrap on your Vehicle.

Note: We will take full responsibility for placing and removing decal on your car and it will not resort to any damage.And also you are entitled to receive your weekly wages for you carrying out our decal on your Car as Agreed and upon the process for the wrap placement.You will receive an agreement form to sign by the specialist the same day the wrap will take place.

Please Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately. Timely completion attracts an extra bonus of $100 that will be paid along with your second week wages plus the $50 for Gas.

Thank You
Kind Regards

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