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Sat 6/8/2024 2:11 PM

Dear rightful Beneficiary, How are you doing today? hope you’re fine, i want to clarify you that your Email was selected as lottery winner since earlier this year which we converted it as ATM card, package worth 2.5m dollars are you dead or alive? because know message from you since few months now, one Mrs. jane contacted our office: 2030 Georgia Ave NW , Washington, DC 20433, United States now that you’re dead and she is ready to claim your package as your next of kins, do you have any idea of what she is saying? because the Director of ATM card center here has giving her ahead to pay delivery change of 100 dollars

I Message you personal to check if you’re dead or alive but if i didn’t hear from you in next 48 hours we will proceed the delivery to her address, if you’re alive reply back Immediately

Email me here: [email protected]

Mrs. Linda Thomas Ambassador to the United Nations,