Eversource Energy Solar Panels Scam?

So today I was literally in the middle of doing some scambaiting, calling fake pop up scammers. all of a sudden I received a call from “Eversource energy” on my home phone and the guy was Indian. I assumed it was some sort of scam, so I played along. They had my mom’s first and last name and our real address, and they were offering to come do a free consultation for solar panels. they had me set up an appointment for next week and honestly sounded very legit. they’re calling me back on Monday morning to confirm my appointment. is anyone familiar with this type of scam, or does the real eversource energy have a call center in india and I’ve been fucking with a real solar panel company?

This might help. Eversource Energy - Wikipedia

I guess if people show up it’s legit and if they don’t then don’t give them any money.