Facebook scammer - "Agent Ann Williams" - (765) 889-2088

Scammer number: (765) 889-2088
Scammer’s social media page:

Any other scammer information:

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I will keep the bait going and see if I can get actionable info. Wish me luck. Or join in if you wish.

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Agent Ann is very temperamental when asked questions. I don’t know if I will get to the mule unless I can unruffle his feathers… He won’t even bother to explain the “grant” like they usually are more than happy to to get you excited.

Gave a bunch of fake info, to move the scam along. May get a mule after all.

Finally got to the ask.

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“Ann Williams” needs to go back to grammar school to learn proper English writing.

If you want to play with her, be advised he prefers bitcoin.

I’ll try tomorrow after my flu Vax shot. I’m mentally spent from these dimwits today @ScorpionMIT. Keep us apprised as to how this plays out for you!

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Got the mule. Reported to local law enforcement and the FTC. Let me know if there’s something else i should do.

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Done with the bait, now for the switch. Doesn’t seem to be biting, though.

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Did you google map the location to make sure it was real? Great Job BTW!

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Yes. The address goes to a real house that appears to be occupied. No way to know if the person is a knowing mule or a victim, but the latter seems more likely.

Agreed. If you want me to make you a fake ID I can do that for you.

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Thanks. We are past that point now, but I will let you know if i need it later. He did respond again in the middle of the night, so it looks like we are back in business. Can we get a second mule?

After you talked to the cops? WOW they are either desperate or stupid.

Dude is dumber than a box of rocks:

Lol the corps took it.

Got mule #2. Banking info for wire transfer. I will check the website for how to report this. If anyone has experience with this, let me know.

You can try calling the bank yourself and see if the fraud department will answer. Don’t ask for the fraudulent department.

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