Facebook Tech Support Scam

Facebook is down, and this number appears on a “is it up?” site encouraging people to call to fix their Facebook problems.


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So I call em up and told him I wasent able to get into my account and he told me that the facebook “Server” was fine but my pc had an issue… He then told me that the facebook on my browser was not updated lmao!


Here is their other number: 877-642-6661

So I called them, telling them I couldn’t log in. I thought he sounded a bit too real(I’m still new to scambaiting), so I tried backing out of it, by saying that now I could log in. He then told me to wait, because sometimes, people have a problem with logging in after 5 minutes.

I then gave him my ‘fake’ email, and he told me that he could see it had been disabled, because of privacy concerns. There has apparantly been some suspicious activity, on my account that doesn’t exists.

okay so apparently it’s a refund scam. He’s telling me that I need to go to a store, and buy a google play ‘security card’. I asked if they by chance look like those gift cards. “Yes exactly, they are marketed as such. So just ask for a 50$ google play card”.