Fake Amazon 240-323-7184 and 1-866-232-0664

Ok so I got a text message on my phone say thing from the phone number 1-240-323-7184 saying: We have successfully charged \xc2\xa4399.99 from your card for Amazon Prime subscription. For any query please contact at 1-866-232-0664 Thanks: Amazon Prime.

Now I called Amazon real phone number and passed this along with fraud team because I don’t know a Prime account so be on the lookout for this I tried to call both number the 240 number said busy and the 866 went to a voicemail so yeah def thinking’s this is a scam but be aware.

I just received a call from this same number 1-866-232-0664. It’s an automated call and the message plays as soon as you pick up the phone. i have a landline. It gives the same message as above then a phone number to call I didn’t write it down. Since I do not have an Amazon Prime account, I’m calling this a scam. Posted 12/12/2018.