Fake Bank Account to use with Scammers

Hey everyone, I wanted to provide this little tool just in case you wanted to waste some scammer’s time;

https://silverfinance.info is a fake bank account you can use with scammers who ask you to log in to your bank to give a refund so you don’t have to use anything real. It’s great for long baiting and stringing stupid refund scammers along lol. You can use anything for the login information - it’ll take you right to the next page.

Hope this helps!


Holy crap, that is just frickin’ KEWL! Yeah, I’m easily amused. LOL

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This site doesnt seem to work anymore :frowning:

its a little ironic that the link takes you to a pop up scam

t’s the circle of life Simba… We eat the gazelles, and later we become food for the grass the gazelles eat.

This will fool them for a while. But as we keep “educating” them they will eventually learn to recognize fake banks. A system for mimicking real banks and a redirect at the host firewall is going to be needed.

Either that or collaborate with real banks to create honey accounts that track access and gather info for law enforcement.

I actually tried setting up a fake bank account and made a wonderful custom script. Unfortunately, hosting companies think it’s phishing and deactivate your account. So there is no way to create one. I tried hosting it on my own server, but the domain registration companies deactivate the domain as well.

If you only connect to a fake bank from your VM it doesn’t need to be publicly accessible. Just setup a firewall rule to redirect the external address back to an internal address. Packets with reduced TTL should not be redirected to prevent loops.

If the fake bank needs to be publicly accessible, such as to share the resource, whitelist the sources that are allowed access, require a VPN.

Hi, just wanted to ask, i can’t get textnow or google voice(not in us) what do you reccomend for calling the scammers with that is free? thank you

you can use a Vpn like Skyzip Vpn and get Google Voice or text now because they are the 2 only fully free Voips

Thanks for the reply, Ive got nord and set it to US and tried again but it still said couldnt create account. Is that because i’ve already tried with my gmail account on non us IP before i tried it with US IP ?

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yeah i belive so
try with a tempmail it should work