Fake Epson Printer Support Scammers

Pretends to be Epson printer support. They take the victim’s payment information in order to “help” the victim with their printer problem. They use the victim’s payment information to buy gift cards from online sites.

Alternate phone number for these scammers: 888-633-7151

This number is linked to a huge scam with about 100 websites

These Techsupport scammers have been around for years
they offer tech support for about anything you could think of
I found their numbers and websites on many posts

their TollFree phone numbers over time (not all will be active anymore)
800-311-6890 800-297-9982 800-670-7370 800-283-2149 800-763-4027 800-448-1840
800-256-0160 800-445-2620 800-715-9524 800-220-1041 800- 297-9982 800-213-8289
800-297-9984 800-220-1032 844-489-7268 888-846-5560 800-604-4875 888-619-0842
844-266-0040 800-542-2744 800-670-1724 844-577-2999 855-419-0919 800-204-6959
888-624-7214 800-297-9985 888-988-1547 800-620-2321 800-243-0019 800-360-2087 800-966-6991 800-608-5461 800-528-7430 800-889-4715 800-204-4122 800-291-3665 800-541-9526 800-712-5708 800-597-1052 800-582-2431 800-086-9216 800-354-8923 844-739-4167 877-207-4415 888-420-7292 838-800-0650 888-513-5817 800-237-4319 800-889-6049 800-204-4427 888-633-7151 800-351-9719 800-712-0806 888-220-3424 877-760-6133 888-310-1007 866-244-9407 888-720-4956 844-828-5593 855-559-9333 877-760-6111
800-757-4787 888-411-7077 866-978-8529 888-733-9967 888-446-7818 888-203-9661
888-226-9506 888-885-9419 888-513-5815 888-609-5383 800-283-2186

Their websites (and status 16 days ago,
sorry i didnt want to remove all the online offline statusses by hand for this post:
toshibasupportphonenumber.com (online, rederects to laptopsupportphonenumber.com)
netgearrouter.support (online)
laptopsupportphonenumber.com (online)
epsonsupport247.com (online)
emailsupportnumbers.net (online)
mcafeeantivirussupportnumbers.com (online)
hptechnicalsupportphonenumbersusa.com (online)
brotherprintersupportnumber.com (online)
appletechnicalsupportnumbers.com (online)
babasupport.org (online)
msofficetechnicalsupportnumbers.com (online)
aoltechsupportnumber.com (online)
nortonantivirustechsupportnumbers.com (online)
antivirussupportphonenumber.co.uk (offline)
browsertechnicalsupportnumbers.com (online)
asussupportnumber.com (online)
adobesupportphonenumber.com (online)
applemacsupportnumbers.com (online)
hptechsupportnumbers.com (online)
linksysroutersupportnumber.com (online)
canonprintersupportnumbers.com (online)
mactechnicalsupportnumbers.com (online)
outlooktechnicalsupportnumbers.com (online)
printererrorrepair.com (online)
antivirussupports.info (online)
routernumbersupport.com (online)
kasperskynumbersupport.com (online)
emailnumbersupport.com (online)
microsoftnumbersupport.com (online)
facebooknumbersupport.com (online)
antivirussupportnumber.us (online)
onlinesupportpro.us (online)
applesupportphonenumbers.com (online)
supportantivirus.co (online)
epsonsupports.net (online)
internettablettalk.com (online)
quickbooksupports.co (online)
oniton.com (online)
routersupport.org (online)
itunessupport.org (online)
emailsupports.net (online)
printerssupport.co (online)
toshibasupport365.com (online)
canonsupportnumber.org (online)
windowserrorsrepair.com (online)
printersrepairnearme.com (online)
routercustomercare.co (online)
hpsupporthelpline.com (online)
windows7customersupport.com (online)
canonprintersupportnumber.co.uk (online)
mapsupdates.org (online)
avgantivirussupportnumber.com (online)
iphonesupportnumber.com (online)
routertechnicalsupportnumbers.com (online)
1800customercarenumber.com (online)
microsoftwindowssupportnumber.com (online)
globalcool.org (online)
acersupportnumber.com (online)
emailcustomercareservice.com (online)
hpsupport365.com (online)
hptechnicalsupportphonenumber.com (online)
hpsupportphonenumbers.com (online)
canonprintersupport247.com (online)
applesupport247.com (online)
brotherprintersupport247.com (online)
acersupport247.com (online)
printererrorsupport.com (online)
lenovotechsupport.com (online)
adobesupportnumbers.com (online)
epsonprintersupport247.com (online)
contactroutersupport.com (online)
errorssupport.com (online)
delltechnicalsupportnumber.com (online)
epsonconnectservices.com (online)
microsoft-tollfree.com (online)
supportprop58.com (online)
ipadsupportnumber.com (online)
lenovosupportphonenumbers.com (online)
iolosupportnumbers.com (online)
applemactechnicalsupportnumber.co.uk (online)
gamerssupport.net (online)
antivirussupport.org (online)
bubblepc.com (online)
emailcustomersupportservice.com (online)
support-setup.com (onlline)
otsus.net (online)
emailsupports.net (online)
pogosupport.online (offline)
www.pogogamesnumber.online (online)
gaminglaptoprepair.com (online, under construction)
macbookcustomerservice.com (online, under construction)
dlinkroutersupportnumber.com (online, under construction)
aolmailsupportnumbers.com (online, under construction)
hptechnicalsupportnumber.co.uk (online, under construction)
googlesupportnumber.com (online, under construction)
belkinroutersupportnumber.com (pending for renewal)
dailycomputersolutions.com (pending for renewal)
brotherprintersupportnumber.co.uk (offline)
amazonprimesupportnumber.com (offline)
jupitersupport.com (offline)
epsonprinterinstallation.com (offline)
routersupportnumbers.com (offline)
rokusupportphonenumbers.com (offline)
delltechsupportnumbers.com (offline)
netgearroutersupportnumber.com (SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE)
dellcustomersupportnumbers.com (SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN)
lenovosupportphonenumber.com (account suspended)
lenovosupport.net (account suspended)

wow. a lot of them are paying for GoDaddy AND proxy services.

sadly, GoDaddy doesn’t do anything about it unless DMCA is involved. fortunately, at least Microsoft has a dedicated page for reporting support scams and 7 of those sites use their trademarks in the domain name alone.

I know what you mean, go daddy is not a help to the scambait community.
The windows sites have all been reported, but more people complaining and reporting them always helps

Thanks for the heads up! Sorry for posting already known info. I’m very new at reporting these scammers. The scammers are affecting my company in a very negative way and I’m trying to do something proactive to reduce the number of chargebacks I receive.

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I think Canon Printer Repair is a best support site. Fastest setting up of printers along with a guarantee period.

Thanks for the post scammer!

Hostname: abts-north-dynamic-
Location: New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi, India
Organization: Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia Services


scammer theres scammers on here ohhhh noooooo? wow I need to ask my dad first

Juno Webmail is a way to communicate with people using electronic devices. An Internet e-mail consists of an envelope and content. The content consists of a header and a body.

Another scammer :joy:

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Lol they are so stupid to try to scam on a scambaiting site.