Fake Firewall Refund 1-877-221-8289

This scammer says my firewall is going to get expired unless I renew it for $500. So lets see what he does? Windows key and r. www.oty.com which is log me in. There name is Vision Call Services. Its says Danielle Brown wants to connect to my computer. I am going with the 3 years. They want to do check but I said I don’t have checks so I said I have a card now I am being transferred. So lets see where this goes. So He picked up and I said hello and he said my voice sounds sexy like wtf lol and then he he said all us Americans and other dumb people are stupid and we take your money and instant hang up lol. Have fun with this one.
1 year $199
3 years $299
5 years $506

I just wasted 2 hours of their time and got their emails, check processing company, their team viewer numbers, and ip. Keep calling them to shut them down.

The guy that I got connected to was pretty suspicious. He started rooting around on my VM like crazy and eventually I just gave up and starting yelling insults at him. I think he tried to re install my windows or something, but I turned my vm off.

I just hung out on their call lines asking for Bryan and when they would ask I would tell them that naughty tiger is calling, he’d understand. I’m pretty sure they think he is homosexual now… sorry Bryan.