Fake Geek Squad Refund 1-800-674-3696

The scammer brings bring me to the site:

Make sure you hit cancel subscription they want you to fill out your name and email and step two is to download TeamViewer.! Ha I got connected. Then I got connected again lol deleted everything off both computers. Now they are all pissed and dumb please call this number they use TeamViewer and they will try to get your id but keep giving wrong info and then they will give u there’s. Enjoy.

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Well done! I will call them soon.

are they quick? I need to know if it would be better to RAT connect or if their slow enough on teamviewer. Don’t want to scare them off lol

I am on the phone with them again, they are pretty quick to disconnect so I deleted all his files because I kept asking him questions but not everyone is the same so try and see what happens.

I called them 3x. They pick up the 3rd time and they don’t even introduce themselves just straight up hello. What did you say when you called them?

I called again from the same SIP number that I use and this scammer said thanks for calling geeksquad refund department how may I help u so I am still on with them.

Wtf he didn’t say that I said are you from geek squad he said no I’ll call again.

Bro look at the links and then go to the bottom it says geeksquad someone programed geek quad but I already informed geek squad since I used to be a geek squad agent and I sent them an email to there fraud team.

What did you exactly say when they pick up? I am getting different reactions. Did you say you want a refund?

No I called because I got a robot call saying my geeksquad subscription is being canceled so that’s what I said so in my post here I am very clear on what I type and what they take me to first they take me the first link, then I click on cancel subscription, then it brings u to the next link I posted they want u to put in your name and email and then go to step two which is choose which OS which u are using so then it will download TeamViewer.

I did the exact same thing but I think after you deleted their files, they’re scared as fuck cuz they just keep denying they’re from geek squad lmao.

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By the way to everyone that user id is still active he just has a new password bc I try to keep getting in with the two different ones he gave me but since I destroyed his computer twice there is a new password on.

Ok now they say geek squad. What did you do to them they’re just like ‘ok let me cancel your sub (10 mins later) ok your sub has been cancelled you will get your refund back soon’ lmao they aren’t even trying.

they pulled a fast one with that anydesk haha. linux said no tanks

They didn’t try any desk on me its prob from the amount of people calling they are changing there remote software.