Fake GeekSquad Refund 1-503-468-6771

I am talking to this scammer now lets see what he does. He wants me to go to team viewer so let’s see if I can delete his files. This guy just told me to go to team viewer and then he transferred me to another scammer this guy seems new. Now he wants to take me to show my pc, lol now he is taking me to https://www.supremocontrol.com/ so right now I have wasted more then 20mins of this fake senior scammers time. I am surprised he has not called me out. This guy is really trying to get me hard. Lol now he is bringing me back to show my pc. Lol now he told me to uninstall TeamViewer and download it again. So we are going on wasting 30 mins plus of this scammers time. Now this scammer is taking me to http://www.anyplace-control.com/download-ok.shtml#.XUtEZZNKhD0. This guy just keeping saying wait and now going on almost 40 mins of wasting his time this guy must be new to scamming I have given him all fake information and he is so hard trying to get me this is great. Now I got transferred to another fake senior scammer lol. Now I am going to https://www.remotepc.com/ lol I wasted about an hour on the dot on this guys time he had no idea how to connect he said he would call me back obv he can’t bc the number is fake. But have fun with them.

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Same number called me. I screwed with him for like 10 mins and dropped him. I was at work and couldn’t stay on the line long.