Fake id scam

Hi Techscammers united

Please can you investigate 1stclassfakes.com. A fake id or novelty id website scamming thousands of venerable people. please check the trustpilot reviews or google to see the reviews of hundreds of people getting robbed daily. No one can turn to the police because they shouldn’t be buying fake ids and the scammers know this and thats why is almost the perfect scam. Please help!!!

There are actually lots of clear-net sites with dark-net content. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was the clear-net market link to the well known alpha-bay vendor “1stclassalphafakes”. Since the alpha-bay market was seized it makes total sense for vendors to set up temp shop on the clear-net. Definitely stay away from this though as it is highly illegal in any case.

they make you pay with bitcoins aswell. So this is why its the perfect scam

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