Fake Microsoft Refund 1-855-414-9728

I got a robot calling saying to hit 1 like always, scammer came on and told the same script like always, then he wanted me to go ultra viewer I was like hmm that program does not work, it won’t open, I was like you told me you were going out of business so all the services and software you have provider me does not work. So he told me to click on ultra viewer and then re download it and I was like it comes up in white as a icon and does not open. Then he just hung up I was like you guys put TeamViewer on and he was like no and then he got mad and hung up. He was like why are you messing with me and wasting my time? I was like why are you a scammer and pranking me and pretending to be Microsoft Refund? Then I started to swear in Hindi to him and no defense on his part instant hang up lol, dumb scammers, have fun with them.


lol I just did a video on these guys and was gonna post the number but you beat me to it lol. I did syskey them though and he called me back calling me a motherfucker asking why I locked his pc XD!

Msg they leave:
Computer technical support few months ago. We are calling to refund your money as the company has been order to close down. Please call our toll-free number 1 855-414-9728 to get your refund. I repeat one 855-414-9728 or press one to connect live representative.


Seems they have some new trainees answering the calls… First guy i spoke to did not even know how to install teamviewer…


I just called now and it was just music for days and then it said good buy but I know its like 6am there so yeah I mean the number is still up but no one picked up.

damn now i have to call them

@Bcurry33 that happens a lot, judging by the background noise, they are a pretty busy call center