Fake Microsoft Refund 1-860-419-0665

I have been on the phone with this scammer going from supremo to TeamViewer and this guy is so dumb. I have wasted a good amount of this guys time he really want to scam someone I am surprised they have not figured me out yet they think I am girl lol bc I am trying my best to talk like a girl lol. This scammers keeps saying the wrong numbers I have repeated them like 10 times. They brought me to this website which I have never seen https://forpc.ml/ I am still on the phone this has been going on over an hour. Now they are trying ultra viewer lol. Now he called me off 1-860-419-0665.

Are you sure that’s the right number?

Yes unless they switched number but when I do my posts I do step by step on what the scammer is telling I just can’t make this stuff up I mean a lot of us can, like say oh they are just checking cmd, event eviewer etc when they are not. But I don’t make videos I just let them have fun on my vm and just do the play by play. But if its not the right number anymore then flag it and it will be dead.