Fake Microsoft Refund 1-866-978-5436

Windows key and R www.teamviewer.com I got connected here is his info 1 059 099 134 id 7282 password. I disabled his input and then syskey him and then tried to transfer as much files as possible and then he shut off his computer.

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The name of the company is American Geeks.

I called back using a different number and this time another scammer wants me to use remote pc

is the number right? says not in service when I call em

wait nvm works now :smiley:

Lol I am still on with them this is now the 3rd time I called and they wanted me to use any desk and so other browser which didn’t work but yeah I am still on hold lol.

Please use this for a live call these guys are dumb.

Well I got a syskey on one and downloaded his files then removed them off his pc… Video friday

Ty for these number btw U are legit awesome!

Thanks I am watching your video from today ACCESSING A SCAMMERS PC! SYSKEY FAIL! I am watching to see u do your magic lol like I do lol.

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They are now using alpemix to connect to you, I just scambaited him for about 15 minutes and when I had him connect to my VM I said I have apple mix in my kitchen already and it confused him a lot. He then continued to try to refund me and eventually I hung up. The number is still up guys, have fun with it and remember use a virtual machine not your real pc!!