Fake Microsoft Services or Refund

The scammer called and said I paid $699.99 for services. The scammer takes me here. www.remotepc.com They tell u click on download and you can choose windows or Mac. So that did not work now he wants me to go www.ultraviewer.net. That also didn’t work so then he took me to teamviewer. His ID 1 034 426 110 his password 2337 I got him I syskey him and transferred as much as I can and then I have a screen shot where is shuts his computer off


Lol so he went on sayin he is from Pakistan and how he was happy they blew the World Trade Center towers down and I was like ok buddy they are built again why don’t u come back with another two planes and do it again. He said we will and I told all u guys are pussies u hide in caves and plant bombs and dont come and fight. He kept saying blah blah blah I wish I had his fake name but yeah this dude thought he was so safe so lets nail these guys

what is their number?

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Sorry they called off unknown caller so I can’t give a number u know I always put the number in the subject line but yeah sorry.