Fake Microsoft Support 1-844-240-5966

I got a robot call saying that services have stopped working now he said he needs my first and last name. He wants me to to open google and type in www.anydesk.com Ha now he wants me to go to TeamViewer. Lol he just gave up after I gave him my id I was waiting for his id and he said looks like we were mistaken and instant up of shame. But maybe someone can into there computers enjoy.

I was successful gaining access to their computer and stole their files, I left some gifts on their system before they booted me off if their dumb enough to open them lol

I used the number to troll. I called it and it actually worked.Sadly *67 won’t work. So if you troll block the number afterwards

Use firertc you can spoofed any number u want as ur caller I’d and they can’t call back also I just went ththrew ththe files and found out one had a huge list of names and bank account info including credit cards of people they scammed I’m gonna call each one and let em know they were scammed and to change their cards and account info.

Google voice and text now are much better imo.


When you access there computers are you able to open camra and watch them as they talk to you?