Fake Microsoft Support 800-951-0760

Fake Microsoft Support 800-951-0760
Just checked it and it’s still working.
This guy will even call you back if you say the line is bad.

Its active these scammers are very salty. This is the first time I called and I said hello and straight away they are swearing at me in Hindi. Then they say they are Muslim so I start speaking Urdu to them and yeah instant hang up. Have fun very good number.

they were too pissed started saying shit straight away as i mentioned he is indian

I am playing scammer rant and the benched song lol. Now they have the song on 3 way so I hear little kids since they transferred calls.

I just left it, always love the bhenchod song

Well I just called these funny dumb scammers and now the number is dead I already flagged it.