Fake Microsoft Tech Support 1-210-634-0166

I am on the phone with a scammer its a robot call saying to hit the number 9 and then the pop up says its finding usually warning and virus activities etc u all know the script. So now this scammer wants me to go www.helpme.net lol so he tried again he keeps telling me to hit yes there is no yes I get to the connected to go to assist page and then it shows the box and smaller box and he says hit yes and I am like sir u are not understanding there is no yes in this box it just say questions the scammer was getting annoyed said something in Hindi and hung up but have fun.

877-226-0531, I called them and they asked how may i help you, and i didnt know what to say so i said, are you tech support and he got really mad saying where did you learn tech support and whatnot. Finally i called back and a women picked up and i asked can you help me with my “windows 95” and shes like of course. I played with her for like 10 min. saying random stuff. One guy got really mad at me for asking him to repeat himself and hung up on me. I’ll keep on wasting their time!!

Pustee101 this 1-877-266-0531, 1-877-722-3328 these are legit companies for Pacific Debt INC. They are located in Cali.

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They picked up as tech support. They sometimes change their numbers to legit companies.
There was a number on here that I called and they picked up as debt relief. So I don’t know what happened with that number.

Your good dude but before you make a post like this call the number back and make sure a scammer picks up bc if not then i dont want people blowing up real companies phones.