Fake Refund Department 1-813-379-2814 Active

They asked me how much I owed I said not sure so now he told me it was $170 then he wanted my name and Birthday. They bring me to Ultra-viewer and this does not work. Now he told me to window k and r and I explore www.ultraviewer.net. Still won’t work. Now he is bringing me to ask desk. They said the money would be in my account in the next 3-4 business days. I will get $10000 i need to to Target for this 10000 scam I need to get a 2 $500 google play cards to do this lol. So I got 2 fake 50 iTunes give cards. OBV all fake information. I have been on the phone with this idiot for over an hour. Lol and they call us dumb. Well then he finally hung up and yeah call them funny and dumb.