Fake Refund Scam 1-833-932-8989

I got a voicemail from this number this scammer is actually really nice he has been trying to be very helpful so they keep wanting me to use www.fastsupport.com but the website needs to be updated it gives me a launch failure so I read them the pop up I get and they are trying to do this on all my of browsers lol same error message. So let’s see what they do next. www.alpemix.com is now where he took me next. I have not seen scammers use this site in a while. Usually it’s any desk or TeamViewer. Now the scammer transferred me to his senoir scammer and he took me back to www.fastsupport.com and www.alpemix.com he wanted to make sure I was getting the same problems. Lol I wasted about 50 mins with these guys lol.