Fake Scammer Credit/Refund - 312-667-9755

Auto-message with poor grammar claiming my “card” has been charged $399 to tech service and for a credit to get the money back I need to call 312-667-9755.

its live, i was on the phone with them for a while, convinced them to do the switch sides with partner technique, logged into their machine, dumped 3 text files, attempted syskey, got kicked out/yelled at, hung up the phone, opened the 3 text files and they were of people that they were going to call back to scam as they werent in front of their computer, i called all 3, left all 3 voicemails, one called me back, i saved her life, the end

The number is active I am on the phone with a scammer now so let’s see what happens. So he takes me to https://showmypc.com/ so I gave him my code he could not connect so I they started to swear in Hindi and I was like Hello what did u just say he said is our tech talk and i was like ok and then he said I was a mother fucker lol and I sweared back in Hindi and instant hang up.