Fake Social Security Scam 1-475-2192-2328

This is the same Texas scam, they found a car and in the car was blood and drugs in the car. The US Marshalls came to the accident and they found 2 pounds of coke lol. Lol he said goat house which I said ok so I have to pay this in the goat house and he said yes lol. Once again they call us dumb. Officer James miller bitch id 199035207 case id 953001 arrest warrant 115021. Now he is transferring the call to his higher officer bitch id lol. The new scammer said they found 3 different banks have been wired transferred and I am making illegal activity oh no they are going to take me into jail for 90 days. He asked me what I wanted to do and I said I would like to fight this in the goat house and he said ok and hung up lol.

I think you may have forgot to include the number on this post

Sorry everyone the phone number is 1-475-2192-2328

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Now there is too many numbers.