Fake "state-based" Facebook Group

Scammer number: N/A

Scammer’s social media page: Redirecting...

Any other scammer information: This is a fake Rhode Island-based group making its rounds and has gained nearly 4k members over a month. At least one IP address of an admin is based out of Bangladesh (

They are obtaining new members by browsing local news outlet’s Facebook posts and replying to comments with “join please” along with a link to the group. Oftentimes they are targeting what appears to be elders.

This ring has been mining other legitimate groups, often pages ran by local photographers, and then reposting on this group.

Every so often, after obtaining several new members, they will post a link to an online store that is selling a shirt allegedly designed by an admin’s 16 year old daughter (I’ve traced at least two designs back to Etsy store and alerted the design owner). The online store is powered by GearLaunch so that’s all you need to know there…

Now over 5.5k people in the group