Fake Syskey Tool

I wrote a program to look exactly like syskey and to replace it so that it doesn’t actually lock your computer and it writes the password to a file named password.txt in AppData.


Virus scans here (no UAC) and here (UAC)
Download here


Nice, do you have a link?

Just uploaded them, added virus scans for both executables too.

:+1: Very nice, runs smooth. I assume a lot of copy and paste for the text boxes? They look identical.

Yes, lots, I used GUIPropView by NirSoft to do most of it.


Can you open source it? maybe i can add something fun in it hehe

IDK if the icons are copyrighted so I’m not sure. I’ll look into it though.

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When I click the download link it says “that id doesn’t exist in the database!”

Fix link because it’s dead link!!!

I don’t think this guy cares :frowning:

he hasn’t been here for almost a year. Michael_Bumsick bumped a dead thread

I’m hoping someone will reupload the file

Bro please fix download link

Haven’t you heard of “snapshots”? Also, syskey doesn’t exist in Windows 10/11 lol.

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Yes I know syskey doesn’t exists anymore on Windows 10+ but maybe scammers aren’t aware of it (hopefully)

By the way, sorry for my bad English

Do you have a download for the syskey?? Thank you…

Its a little bit old but you can still find the fake syskey here.