Fake Tech Support 1-855-922-2548


I called right now this number is active I spoke with an Allan he told me that my computer was infected and blah blah u know the script so yeah. He gave me all of us details in my notepad. This is my case Ref ID NO which is MS US 7545 his employee code MS#71674J EXT 600. Also my employee ID is GETS 2276. He told me to back to the website go to assist does not work. Now he is taking me to any desk. Obv this program still does not work. I am waiting for him to use team viewer. Wow after I called him out he went into rage mode and I called him out and he just hung up and I am like wow u can’t even defend yourself and instant hang up please mess with these guys.


My dad spoke to them yesterday. His computer was locked and he thought these guys were legit. He told me what happened today and I called my husband who is an IT guy first thing he said is ransomwear scammers. Had to call the bank and keep my dad off his computer so they cant get any more information, lets hope these guys cant take anymore money frim my dad. Thid is a SCAM never never call the numbers on popups unless you look into them or have someone computer knowledgeable look into it.


Here is their website


Dealt with the same company tonight. After over an hour of talking with “Jack”, he told me he is going to find another job. He legitimately seemed to have no clue about the company he was working with. He gave me the name “onlinepchelp.com” . Said he was only working there 10 days, and it was his first day on the phone. I somehow believe him. He was totally responsive and polite, talked with me openly for probably 20 minutes, and seemed bummed about his job decision. Said he was working through university. Possibly another victim of a douchebag scam owner? Will never know.


So I called back, and spoke with another “tech”. Some time into the conversation, he told me that “Jack” had just left the company. He asked me what I said to him to make him leave. It was very surreal. Spoke to who I believe was either the owner or legit manager. He legitimately seemed pissed that Jack just got up and left. Maybe they were all messing with me, but Jack seemed too authentic. You know when you’ve spoke to a lot of them when you have someone being honest with you. Very strange night to say the least…


These scammers Bandook can say whatever they want and act all dumb and say oh he left when the scammer really did not leave. These scammers can’t quit they just want us to hear what we want to hear but u know they will to change unless one of us goes to India and goes to a call center and actually views it, I will not believe a word any scammer says without proof.