Fake U.A.E. minister of state, petroleum, and international cooperation

Got an email from a person impersonating Reem Ebrahim Al-hashimi, who is an actual minister of international cooperation, in the U.A.E…I Responded to their ‘private email address ([email protected])’ using a junk email, and got a response with a personal information form. Gave them a fake id. They never responded again.

This is the email I received:

From: [email protected]


My name is Ms. Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi, I am the “Minister of state and Petroleum” also “Minister of State for International Cooperation” in UAE. I write to solicit for your partnership in claiming of {us$90=Million} from a Financial Home in Cambodia.

The Fund {us$90=Million} is my share from the (Over-invoiced) Oil/Gas deal with Cambodia/Vietnam Government within 2013/2014, however, I don’t want my government to know about the fund. If this proposal interests you, let me know by sending me an email and I will send to you detailed Information on how this business would be successfully transacted. Be informed that nobody knows about the secret of this fund except me and I know how to carry out the entire transaction. So I am compelled to ask that you will stand on my behalf and receive this fund into any account that is solely controlled by you.

I will compensate you with 30% of the total amount involved as gratification for being my partner in the transfer. Reply to my private email as stated: [email protected]

Ms. Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi.

Just got their whatsapp address. +971 58 189 0243.