Fake Visa Scam

I got a robo call from 1-800-847-2911 which is the true Visa number but if u listen to the options you can tell its a scam, I did some more research and type there phone number and I found a cold call called from India and I will also post that in this link. 1-800-847-2911 - Google Search
to call about a refund and there are alot of options to choose it asked you if u are a Visa card member to press 1 then 1 again for something else then it asks u to put in your Visa card then u get transferred to a advisor so I got an Indian and he said he is from Texas and I said u do know visa is located in CA and he said yes, I asked who is CEO is and didnt know that but they are spoofing there number to be visa but now he put me on hold.

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