Fake yahoo support 877-336-9533

US number: 877-336-9533
UK number: 44-800-041-8433

I just called him his phone sucks it was choppy but once I said he was a scammer he hung up lol hang up of shame.

just annoy them with imagine dragons music. they hung up for me

I call flooded them so they are afraid to answer the phone. lol :rofl:

what flooder did you use? curious because I released one today.

note: having trouble reaching the UK one, is it dead already?

I think both numbers are dead. I told them that I would keep calling unless they stopped. Must have actually done it!
I used VB-Audio Control Panel with Windows Media Panel.

Nice work guys, they didnt pick up when I called and it said the mailbox was full.

Just called up the US number. They picked up,but didnt say anything. I could literally hear a woman scamming someone in the background

i annoy them with texts to voice with a little bit abusive clips in the background but the con is they hand up immediately after few seconds