Fart sounds.

Pretend that you’re on a high fiber diet. Or pretend you have IBS and play horrendous fart sounds into the call.

It would be a good exercise for anyone who aspires to be a voice actor if you don’t have any technical skills to ruin their day with software.

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I’ve seen Ashton at Trilogy Media doing that, and it seemed to be pretty effective. :smiling_imp:
Also, Floppy has added fart sounds to her arsenal of chipmunk and demon voices. Any of those can cause a scammer or a “customer” (usually the would-be victim) to get tired of it and hang up. Floppy says it’s her inner child doing that. My inner child approves wholeheartedly.
I’m going to try it soon, along with my Waldorf (Muppets) voice. “It’s this new medication the VA gave me. Makes ya fart like a teapot.” :grin: